How to Fix Pokémon Go ‘GPS Signal Not Found’ Error

Pokémon GO is finally released to the public and it is one of the best games smartphone users have ever played. Developed by Niantic Inc. which also developed the massively played Ingress which was a similar game to Pokémon but Pokémon GO, the game is much more interactive and people can actually relate themselves to the game as we all had that Pokémon element in our childhood. Coming back from school, waiting eagerly for Pokémon on TV to start and looking at all those adventures those characters were going through. Not only that but Pokémon cards were like our childhood currency with the competition of having the best trading cards in our collections!

But there is a problem with Pokémon GO, the game isn’t released for the entire world yet and you can only download it officially in a few countries right now. But that doesn’t mean that there are no workarounds to install Pokémon Go on your Android device. Look at the hyperlinked page and you will find the way to install Pokémon GO on your Android device by just using the APK. But the game is still new and bound to have some glitches that prevent people from playing it. People have been facing many issues with the game and one of them being the “GPS Signal Not Found” error. In this post, I will tell you how to fix the “GPS Signal Not Found” error on your smartphone. I will mention methods for both Android as well as iOS and hence you can use whichever one you like.

How to Fix “GPS Signal Not Found” Error on Android

gps not found error pokemon go

This is an error that can easily be fixed without uninstalling and installing the Pokémon GO game. All you need to do is follow the steps that I am going to list below and you can easily get rid of this error.

  • Before doing anything else, you must make sure that the location setting is on.
  • To do that, you can access it from the notification toggles or you can go to Settings > Location > On.
  • Also make sure that the mode is set to High Accuracy and this is what you need for the GPS to work on your Android smartphone.

The High Accuracy mode uses WiFi hotspots, mobile towers and GPS around you to calculate your location and hence it is very accurate. This comes in handy when you face the “GPS Signal Not Found” error on Pokémon GO for Android. Also make sure that you are out of your home because GPS signals aren’t that great indoors and you need to be outside in order to use the GPS properly.

How to Fix “GPS Signal Not Found” Error on iPhone and iPad (iOS)

Now for this error to be resolved on your iOS device, you need to try a few things out. Follow the steps listed below one by one. First of all, make sure that GPS is turned on, on your iOS device. To turn the GPS on, just bring up the command center and turn the location on. This will start the GPS.

Turn on WiFi

  • Bring the command center on your iOS device up and make sure that the WiFi is enabled.
  • If it is disabled, then just go ahead and enable it.

Once WiFi is enabled, the error should go away and if it is still there then close the app and start it again. The app, as mentioned before is still in its early stage and may have a few bugs but a simple app restart should fix the problem.

Also, try going out of your home and using the game again. The GPS signals are very weak indoors and hence it might be the issue. This was a post in which I told you the process to solve the Pokémon Go “GPS Signal Not Found” error. Make sure you follow all these steps and get rid of the problems.

How to Fix Pokémon Go ‘GPS Signal Not Found’ Error
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